Stock Up With Purchase Order Financing

When you deal in presold goods, you need capital to obtain merchandise. If you want to grow, it can become more difficult to reach success, as expansion can tie up funds necessary to daily operations. Kinlow Advisors offers purchase order financing for exactly this reason – so you can expand without having to balance your present against your future.

Who Can Benefit?

This type of financing is available to a number of different businesses:

  • Startups
  • Companies with poor cashflow
  • Companies lacking access to capital
  • Businesses dealing in domestic production
  • Businesses dealing in imports or exports

To ensure you’re able to obtain the necessary merchandise, we can also provide letters of credit and production finance.

What Are the Advantages?

Recipients of purchase order financing can experience the following benefits:

  • Flexible, fast funding
  • No equity sacrifices
  • Ability to deliver large or sudden orders
  • No bank debt
  • Ability to expand market share

If you’re a distributer, producer, reseller or wholesaler, you have the opportunity to partner with Kinlow Advisors and reap the rewards.

How Can You Get Started?

Kinlow Advisors is dedicated to providing lending solutions to businesses of all kinds. Our financial experts are excited to help you determine the path to your future with purchase order financing. To learn more or set up a no-obligation consultation, contact us today.