Invest in Success

Owning a franchise can make for a great investment, but only when done right. Kinlow Advisors is here to make your life easier and your investment better than you ever imagined. We offer franchise financing to help with anything from a remodel, a purchase and acquisition including up to $1,5 million in goodwill, to new constriction, and refinancing.. Let us help bring out the absolute best in your franchise and all the time and money you’ve invested in it.

We Make Pre-Qualifying Quick and Easy

We know your time is valuable, which is exactly why we do everything we can to make pre-qualifying for financing as simple and fast as possible.

Our franchise financing pros have done everything they can to make the process as easy on you as possible from beginning to end:

  • No penalties for pre-paying your loan
  • Loan-to-value ratio of as much as 90%
  • Interest rates that can be as low as 6%
  • Terms that extend to as many as 25 years
  • Quick commitments and closings
  • Access to extra cash that can be used as working capital

Whether this is your first time owning a franchise or if you’ve owned several in the past, we’re here to help. Kinlow Advisors helps you gain a competitive edge, so contact us today to learn more.