Equip Your Company for Success

You have found the perfect location, have your sales and marketing plan in place, and refined your business strategy. All that remains is acquiring your business equipment. The only thing missing is the right equipment to help get your services or products into the hands of your target audience. Rather than take on another massive expense, why not turn to us here at Kinlow Advisors and learn the benefits of equipment financing?

Any Manner of Business Equipment

It makes no difference what kind of industry you’re in or what kind of equipment you need, chances are good that we can set you up with proper financing. Our equipment leasing program includes a number of highlights:

  • Superior interest rates
  • 24-hour application approval window (three to five days for more expensive and middle marketing leasing)
  • As many as 84 months for repayment for businesses that have been up and running for at least two years

Our program requires little to no down payment, and we can offer you a variety of structures for paying back your loan. For leasing applications for loans as high as $150,000, you aren’t required to submit a financial statement with your application.

Different Financing Programs Designed To Meet Different Financing Needs

Don’t have the best credit? Not to worry. You’re a prime candidate for our B, C, and D credit program. Perhaps your company is new and you don’t have an extensive credit history that demonstrates your level of financial responsibility. We offer a startup program for applicants just like you. Our leasing experts can also set up financing for municipal and government entities, such as police departments, federal government agencies and libraries.

If you already have all the equipment you need, perhaps you could still use an infusion of capital. We’d be happy to tell you more about our sale and leaseback program.

Please call us to answer any questions you may have about our equipment financing program.