How Much Could Your Business Grow With Unlimited Financing?

There’s no question that a consistent influx of cash is vital to the growth of any business of any size in any industry. Kinlow Advisors offers accounts receivable financing, which gives you immediate access to cash from customers who routinely pay their invoices at a later date. You can quickly turn the receivables due on a sale into cash rather than waiting for vendors to pay.

It’s an Asset, Not a Debt

Rather than look at financing receivables as a debt, it’s better to look at it as selling an asset. This is money you’ve already made; we’re just speeding up the timeline for when you have access to that money. Many different types of businesses are candidates for this type of financing:

  • Seasoned successful businesses with high sales volume
  • Companies experiencing rapid growth
  • Companies in bankruptcy or on the verge of bankruptcy
  • Businesses that are just getting started
  • Companies that often pay for their goods well in advance of cash received on sales

With financing based on your customers’ credit, this can remove the obstacle many businesses face in securing commercial financing.

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