About Kinlow Advisors

Kinlow Advisors provides strategic and financial planning services for banks and small businesses. Grounded in the relationship between risk and financial return, the company provides objective analysis and support to assess strategic growth and efficiency. The company operates by partnering side by side with executive leaders within the unique structure and culture of each organization in order to add franchise value. We design a tailored approach and solutions to meet each company’s unique needs.

About Michael Wolnik

Mr. Wolnik is President & Owner of Kinlow Advisors. He founded the company in 2018. He has worked in community banking for over thirty years, with the last twenty two years as an executive officer at four different institutions, including two nationally chartered stock-owned banks and two mutual-owned banks. He started his banking career as a bank teller during college and most recently served as President & CEO at Wakefield Cooperative Bank, leading the bank with expanded small business services, growth in mobile and on-line banking services, successful growth and diversification with commercial banking, and an engaged and motivated team focused on service excellence and supporting the community. Wolnik holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Master’s Degree in Finance both from the University of Lowell and is also a CPA in Massachusetts.

With a broad base of knowledge and banking leadership, Mr. Wolnik has developed a perspective over many years to reach for his passion: to use his expertise to help support and promote the success of main street local businesses: a variety of community banks, as well as successful small businesses who may be too busy to devote the necessary time to financial and strategic planning. Engaging in consultative services, which may lead to cost-effective contractual management services on an outsourced and flexible schedule, is often a sound and efficient approach to achieving corporate goals.

Throughout his career, Wolnik has embraced community support and volunteering. In advocating for opportunities for all, well-being, and education, he has engaged in numerous programs to provide assistance to non-profits, schools, students, elders, the disadvantaged, small businesses, community groups, and many other local organizations and individuals.